5 Winter Skin Problems Everyone Faces and How to Combat Them
Now that the winter season is knocking on your door, you must be dreading the skin problems it brings along with it. Dry and dehydrated skin, chapped lips, itchiness, and dandruff are some of the common winter skin problems that almost everyone faces. In fact, most of the patients that visit our skin clinic in Gurgaon have also faced these problems with most of it to do with the extreme weather conditions in Gurgaon during winters. However, no matter how annoying these skin problems may be, you should find solace in the fact that they are easily treatable! You just need to pay a little bit of attention to your skincare and you’ll feel and look great. Here are some of the most common winter skin problems and solutions that you should know about!

1. Winter Rash

If you suffer from conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis, keep in mind that they can get worse during the winter due to the constant exposure to the dry and cold breeze. It can lead to some major winter rashes as well. Include natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, or safflower oil in your skincare therapy, as they help you keep your skin dehydrated for longer durations. Also, apply a moisturizer straight after your bath to avoid any kind of dryness.

2. Dry Skin

Your body produces sebum naturally, which helps in moisturizing your skin and hair. If you have dry skin then your body does not produce sebum abundantly. This can be an issue in itself, but when you add to it the dryness the winter season brings with it, it becomes a huge problem! Your skin can get really dry! If you suffer from dry skin, you need to apply a rich moisturizer that will help you retain the sebum your body produces. You definitely need to apply it at night and during the day as well to combat the problem of a dry face in winter.

3. Skin cracks on the body

One of the most common winter skin problems is cracked skin on your body. This condition can occur on your arms, legs or even face. When you have dry skin, you are deprived of sebum, which results in less moisture in your body. The sun rays worsen the condition and can lead to skin cracks on the body, which can be painful as well. Do not forget to apply a body lotion or a moisturizer on your arms and legs after you take a bath. Make sure your moisturizer has enough oils and fatty acids in its ingredients.

4. Winter Itchy Skin

The cold not only causes dryness on your body but also causes dehydration. Both are different from each other as dehydration is caused when your skin is not able to retain any oil in it. This leads to oily and tight skin, which can also lead to itchy skin. The best solution to your problem of winter itchy skin is to use a lotion with lactic acid to improve exfoliation.

5. Dandruff

Dandruff occurs due to various reasons and a dry flaky scalp is one of the biggest reasons out there. While you wear hats and caps, your scalp can get dry and hence lead to the accumulation of dirt and dandruff. What you can do is wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo and include Aloe Vera gel into the mix. Rinsing your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar is also a great way to combat dandruff. For more solutions for your winter skin problems, get in touch with us, and treat your skin problems with reliable, expert advice! Fix an appointment today!

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