It is a great dilemma when you want to lose your unwanted hair. Where do you go? Do you go to a salon or do you visit a cosmetic clinic? You need to think long and hard before you make that choice as the decisions that you take can change the course of your life. And why is that? In this post, we will try to make sure that we tell you what the benefits of getting Laser hair reduction over waxing are. 1. Laser hair removal does not get rid of all the hair immediately. And you can’t wax during the entire process, so if you want to start the process right now, you should consider shaving or going au natural for some time. But as long as it is just the last time in forever, isn’t it worth it? 2. It is a one-time investment Yes, laser hair removal can seem like a big investment initially. But do remember, it is only a one time investment. And like all one time investment it will pay itself off not only in financial, but also in terms of convenience and efficiency. Seriously, think of the time, effort and energy that you save when you don’t have to go to the salon/beauty parlor for waxing, ever! This fact alone makes it worth the investment. 3. It is really quick Yup, you heard that right; laser hair removal will take considerably lesser time when compared to you fortnightly waxing sessions at the salon. The sessions (although you need more than a few) will typically last no longer than your average lunch break. 4. It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing All the concerns about laser hair removal being a painful process are just a hoax people; the process hurts no more than waxing does. In fact, you can always go for a topical anaesthetic if you feel sensitive in the process. 5. You get silky smooth skin No compromises, no stubble, no oops-we- missed-that- bunch approach. Laser hair removal leaves your skin feeling perfect and flawlessly hair free. With technological advances in the field, we now have lasers that suit all skin types and deliver perfect results consistently. 6. You never have to worry about the aftermath Waxing has its fair share of problems, be that discomfort of the increased risk of infections because of unsanitary methods used. But laser hair removal is always carried out in sterilised zones at clinics following the best practices and protocols. Having read all of this, three things should be very clear to the reader about laser hair removal. 1. The permanence of it. 2. The long term savings that you get. 3. That it is a painful process is a misconception Just head on over to our laser hair removal page to explore all possibilities.

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