Questions to Ask your DermatologistCosmetologist before Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a big decision to come to financially, the procedure is not cheap but is definitely worth the investment in the long run. And one very important factor that either makes the procedure worth all the money that you put into it or not worth it at all is where you get it done. Sure, you will only get the procedure done at a certified centre but do you know what questions that you must ask your dermatologist/cosmetologist when you start the therapy with them? We bring to you a list of questions that you should definitely consider asking your dermatologist before you start with the treatment. These questions will help you get a clearer idea about all the aspects related to the procedure and the clinician in general. 1.) Are there risks associated with the procedure? The first question that you need to ask the dermatologist before you start with laser hair removal is if there are any risks associated with the procedure. This will help you weed out the really overconfident clinicians. As with any medical procedure, there is a certain amount of risk associated with laser hair removal as well. But ensuring that quality practices and time-tested protocols are used makes sure that the risk factor stays well within the limit. 2.) What is the line of treatment? Some skin and hair types need longer sittings and some need shorter but multiple sittings over an extended period of time. The treatment in itself is just one part of the process. Another part is the management of symptoms and side effects (if any). A good clinician will be able to help you with any skin irritation that may ensue, while a not so good clinician won’t. The reason for this being that a good clinician takes years in the making. Studying and gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of all side effects and is therefore better equipped academically to diagnose the cause of the problem and deliver suitable treatment. 3.) Are there some precautions that you will need to take after? Getting laser hair removal done will require certain precautions that you need to take post procedure. Ask your clinician what precautions you need to take to get optimum, long-lasting results. These precautions also vary from person to person. 4.) Ask if you are free to choose your appointments at your convenience? Life is busy. Make sure you ask your dermatologist if you can schedule appointments with them based on your convenience. Most clinics that offer cheap laser hair removal will not be able to accommodate your request as they are overwhelmed with patients. But a good clinician will always make time for you when you need them to. At Garekars M.D Skin clinic, the best clinic for laser hair removal in Gurgaon, we believe that the ABC of a great practice is: A: Availability B: Behaviour C: Competence 5.) Are they transparent and upfront with their rates? Most clinics that claim to have the cheapest rates in town will often have you incur additional and hidden costs, make sure that you ask upfront if the costs that are stated to you for your treatment are final and inclusive of all taxes, doing this can save you a lot of money. The additional costs incurred at some of these “cheap” clinics can go up to 200% of the costs stated. 6.) How long have they been at it? While the treatment may be minimally invasive, it should be clear to you by now that it is a procedure that can have side effects. This procedure is one that requires expertise and you will definitely get a better prognosis (outcome) when you get it done with an experienced clinician. 7.) What technology do you use? Before you leave for your appointment, look up some of the lasers that are commonly being used for laser hair removal today. This will give you a deeper insight about how your treatment is going to be carried out. This article will clear things for you up a bit – 8.) Qualification of the people conducting the treatments? Qualifications matter, you would never have someone who isn’t a pilot fly the plane you are in. There are diplomas that validate a person to perform laser hair removal and other such procedures. What you must remember is that there is no way that you can trust a 6-month diploma the same way as you can trust years over years of medical training, it is to this effect that we suggest that you get laser hair removal done only with a board registered dermatologist. At Garekars M.D Skin Clinic, you can rest assured that you will get the best treatment that is free from side effects, has a longer, better outcome and is the best laser hair removal treatment in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. With us you get: 1.) Quality equipment- We strive to keep our armamentarium up to date, it is our constant endeavor to deliver the best for our clients. 2.) Trained professionals- We have years of expertise carrying out these treatments for you. The best protocols-Our treatment protocols are unique for every individual. 3.) Amazing results- It is because of these factors that we can claim to deliver the right results, consistently and efficiently.

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