What is Profhilo?

Profhilo by ALMA, is a new injectable bio remodeller. It is not exactly a dermal filler, nor is it a skin revitalizer. Profhilo is an injectable, stabilized Hyaluronic Acid based product, designed to remodel multi-layer skin tissue.

It is an anti-aging product that treats the source of aging and not only the aging symptoms.


About Profhilo

  • How does Profhilo work?

  • What is the Profhilo procedure?

    Prior to the Profhilo treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the face and kept for half an hour. After cleansing and sterilising the skin, we begin the procedure. It consists of 5 specific injections on each side of the face (in front of the ear, two points on cheek, near the angle of the jaw and the chin). A total of 10 injections are done on the face. The procedure is painless.
  • How long does it take for Profhilo to work?

    We recommend two treatment sessions one month apart. The skin starts appearing more hydrated and supple within a week. However, the actual results start to show up around 6-8 weeks later.
  • How is Profhilo different from a filler?

    Profhilo unlike a filler is thinner in consistency and spreads gradually beneath your skin. It hydrates and improves the quality and texture of the skin and does not alter your facial features.
  • Is Profhilo available in India?

    We, at Garekar’s, offer Profhilo treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon and the result of the treatment lasts for a comparatively long time.