Laser Hair Removal: The Science Behind The Magic
Laser hair removal is the thing today when you want to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently. The procedure is a one-time investment that ensures that you do not have to regularly shave, thread or wax body or facial hair regularly. Shaving, waxing and threading leave your pores exposed to infection and are carried out by people and institutes (even the best salons) who do not have the knowledge or the infrastructure to deliver an aseptic (microbe free) environment for all your treatments and therapies. Not just that, these procedures are painful, irritating to the skin and can even cause skin damage and ulceration (wounds). Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that works by focusing on chromophore (atom responsible for colour) melanin, which is a kind of substance found in the hair shaft. When light of an appropriate intensity is applied to the hair shaft (strand of hair) heat is generated that then distributes to the surrounding epithelium (skin cells). Selective Photothermolysis: (Photo: Light, Dermo: Skin, lysis: disintegration) To understand this process you need to understand the some fundamental facts about lasers. Every laser wave will have a wavelength, this is essentially the length of either the peak, mid-point or even the crest of the sine wave that the laser travels in. Pulse duration is the time that the hair shaft is exposed to the laser and Fluence is the amount of optical energy delivered per unit area of the skin. To put things simply, the intensity of the laser, the duration of exposure of laser to skin and the total energy delivered to the hair shaft thereof will make the hair shaft heat itself, then dissipate the heat into the surrounding cells of the hair shaft to lyse (disintegrate) the cells and thus will remove any support that the hair shaft has. This procedure has a definitive advantage over shaving, where only the top of the shaft is removed using an angulated blade, leaving the hair follicle where it is to grow out a new hair shaft. And over waxing and threading as both of these procedures involve pulling out of the hair shaft, thus traumatizing the cells surrounding the follicle and leaving them in a reactionary state of inflammation which leaves them susceptible to infection. To remove hair from their follicles, wavelengths of 700 to 1000 nm(nanometers) are delivered to hair shafts where they are selectively absorbed by melanin. Pulse duration of the laser is adjusted for the type of skin and the size of the follicles. The larger the follicle to be targeted, the longer the pulse duration (all adjustments are in fractions of milliseconds). Pulse must also be adjusted to match the fluence of the laser. In a study, titled “Laser hair removal: scientific principles and practical aspects” the author treated one hundred patients with a high power, pulse diode laser. The study examined and evaluated different combinations of the wavelength, pulse and fluence on eight test sites and had a quaternary follow up at 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after the last treatment and concluded that.
  • Temporary hair loss was evident in all patients
  • A staggering 89% patients had permanent hair reduction at the one year follow up interval
  • The 11% that did not, mostly had blonde hair
Laser hair reduction offers benefits that are permanent and visible, as the hair that grows back (if it grows back) is thinner and lighter than the hair that is removed. And the reason for this is the fact that instead of working top down, like most conventional therapies for hair removal, laser hair removal works bottom up, it hits the hair shaft where it starts, at the hair follicle. At Garekars M.D. Skin Clinic, we understand that your skin is as unique as you yourself are. We have not just technical and infrastructural advantage on our side; we also understand that delivering the best laser hair removal services takes a lot more than equipment and facilities. We believe that an in depth understanding of what your skin is like and how it is different from other skin types gives us an edge when we plan your laser hair removal journey with us keeping your skin needs in mind. It is this understanding, combined with years of experience and the desire and the ability to constantly update and upgrade our knowledge and technique gives us this edge that we have over our closest competition. With us you get, 1.) Expertise: We have years of experience along with an in-depth understanding of your skin. 2.) Transparency: We are transparent with you with all our transactions. 3.) Efficiency: When you get laser hair removal done at Garekars, you are getting the best possible treatment in the shortest span of time with the least number of sittings required. 4.) Tailor made treatments: Your treatment needs, your choices. The one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work with us.

“Imagine, not shaving, waxing or threading, not for days, but years. Believe that you deserve it. And we will make it possible for you”

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