When it comes to undergoing hair removal procedures like waxing, shaving or epilating, it can be really tough on you, especially in sensitive areas. Moreover, doing this every few days and sitting through that pain is not something that anyone wants. This is why you need you to start thinking about having a permanent solution for this. Laser Hair Removal is one such treatment. But, the question here is..

Is it really a permanent solution?

Well, one cannot just stop the growth of hair once and for all since it is a natural process that takes place in your body but the progress of it can sure be stunted. Your body hair comes out of hair follicles that are present underneath your skin.  During a laser treatment, the laser that hits the skin damages these hair follicles, hence stopping the hair growth for a long time – much longer than shaving or waxing does. However, to truly get the best results, you will have to sit through multiple sessions.  You get to see the results after the first session itself as the hair growth shuns significantly. You will have to sit through more sessions over a stretched period of time, making it around 6-8 sessions in total. This usually takes 9-12 months depending on the skin and hair type. Therefore, if you are ready to invest that much amount of time and money, only then should you go for this treatment. 

Does it make sense to go for laser hair removal treatment?

You should only think about two things while answering this question – Time and Money. Yes, the treatment option is more expensive than waxing or shaving but it is worth it.  Here are a few benefits of the laser hair removal treatment over other temporary treatment options: 
  • It is pain-free. While you may end up screaming your lungs out while sitting through a waxing session, the laser hair removal treatment gives you a much easier time. Furthermore, if the dermatologist applies an anesthetic gel on your skin before the treatment, then you will get an absolutely pain-free experience. 
  • It lasts for a much longer time than other temporary treatments, hence is widely accepted as a permanent hair removal solution. The time period of the effect totally varies from person to person but it surely is a much better option than others. 
  • The hair growth post-treatment is much less, which is not the case with waxing or shaving. There are cases when people experience faster hair growth, post such temporary hair removal methods. Some people even experience thicker hair growth – this is definitely not the case with laser hair removal treatment as you hardly get back the usual hair growth, so less that people can hardly notice the hair growth. The laser treatment also lightens the hair colour, making it ideal for people with light skin tones as even if the hair grows, it goes completely unnoticeable. 
  • It is ideal for sensitive areas like bikini area and underarms. Since laser hair removal treatment uses high-precision lasers of which one can control the intensity, it is much safer to use in such areas than waxing or shaving. 

Next Step?

Now that you know the benefits of the laser hair removal treatment and how the effects last for much longer than other temporary treatments, you may book your appointment with us anytime with all your queries to get the best services at affordable prices.  We are at DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon. If you stay nearby, you can directly visit us.

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