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Enjoy healthy, hair-free skin!

Do not stop doing the things you enjoy for lack of time to wax! With only 6-8 sessions, get rid of undesirable hair enjoying the benefits from your first visit. We have the latest technology and skin-friendly cosmetic procedures for laser hair removal at our clinic. It allows us to guarantee the best results by weakening the hair follicles to achieve an effective, painless, definitive and above all side effects free hair removal to achieve permanent results.

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A clinic which supports you with latest evaluation standards offers you a personalized treatment, to maximize its effectiveness. All of our technology is certified by FDA, which endorses compliance with the quality standards required in India, recognized as the most demanding worldwide.

Benefits of laser hair removal procedure vs. other methods to remove hair:

Comfort: The convenience of forgetting about hair removal is an incredible benefit, saving time, pain and money.

Safe and fast: Laser hair removal treatment does not involve any risk if you follow the appropriate indications of the therapists and it can be enhanced in any part of the body.

Notice results from the first session: It is true that laser hair removal consists of a procedure of up to 12 sessions, however, the results begin to be reflected from the first session.

Freedom and hygiene in sport: Sport is one of the main reasons why men and women use laser hair removal. Thanks to permanent laser hair removal, the execution of the exercise are done with more exceptional comfort and freedom that facilitates the practice of any sport. Also, a skin free of hair provides greater hygiene, aesthetics and saves time and uncomfortable traditional procedures.

Aesthetics: Eliminating hair with laser hair removal from areas such as the back, the legs, the armpits, the sideburns, and the moustache will help to increase your self-esteem. It makes you feel more comfortable with your personality without having to spend much time on it.

Garekars MD

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

  • Is laser hair removal permanent?
    Laser hair removal at our clinic is a safe and FDA approved treatment for hair removal. The safety profile of the laser is directly linked to the quality of the laser equipment and of course the experience of the person performing the procedure. We cater to both these factors at our clinic. In fact, a lot of our patients who move abroad are able to continue the treatment in other countries. This is because the technology (Alma Soprano Diode) is internationally renowned and is available at all leading dermatology clinics across the globe.
  • How does laser remove hair?
    A highly focused beam of light is aimed at the hair follicles. This laser energy is absorbed by the pigment (melanin), leading to an increase in its temperature. This heat which causes destruction of the follicle and future hair growth ceases. In simple words the heat from the beam absorbed by the hair follicles prevents the hair regeneration. The hair removal treatment is safe and highly effective.
  • Can laser be performed on all parts of the body?
    It is safe enough to use laser hair removal treatments on all body parts when a qualified medical professional is conducting the laser treatments. The laser treatments can give you smooth legs, arms, underarms, upper lip and bikini area. In cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, bikini area laser treatments have shown a significant rise in number during the past five areas.
  • Is laser effective on all types of hair?
    The laser is targeted at the dark pigment (Melanin) that is present within the hair. Hence it works best on thick, coarse dark hairs as there is an abundance of melanin present. This is because thick heavily pigmented hair rapidly absorb energy from the laser which causes them to heat up significantly and makes treatment very effective.
  • Is laser hair removal painful?
    The procedure doesn’t hurt but stings a little & with new technology laser hair removal not only has become pain-free but also comforting. While going through the laser hair removal procedure you will feel that the session is more of a warm sensation and not pain. Laser hair removal is way more comforting than waxing or shaving.
  • Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi?

    The amount you pay for 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal at our skin clinic in Delhi is way less than what you spend monthly on waxing or shaving. It is a one-time investment. The laser hair removal cost depends on factors including:

    • Size of the area being treated and time required for treatment
    • Number of treatments required

    You can consult us to get a better idea of the cost for your particular case.

  • How many sessions are required to get maximum results?
    Laser targets only the hair follicles which are in active growth phase. So to see a huge reduction in the regrowth of hair it usually takes 6-8 sessions for us to cover all the hair follicles in a particular area. It is imperative to understand that the results differ from person to person as it depends on an individual’s hair type, hormonal change & stress levels. Therefore there exist individual variations in number of sessions required.
  • What is the recovery time after laser hair removal?

    After the treatment, you can expect to have mild redness on the treaded area of your skin which goes away in few minutes. You can resume your daily activities immediately post the treatment. We would advise you to use a sunscreen on exposed area post the procedure.

  • How long does a laser hair removal session last?

    A number of factors determine the length of time for a session. At Garekars MD Dermatology clinic, we plan for adequate time to go as slowly or as fast as is comfortable and appropriate for each client. The size and topography of the area being treated and the amount of preparation factors into the time required.

    Generally, legs and backs take around an hour or more, while the front of the neck or underarms may take as little as 20 minutes.

  • Why does it take repeated laser hair removal treatment sessions?
    Hair grows in repeating cycles, and only in the active growing phase of the cycle does the hair contain enough pigment to absorb sufficient energy to destruct the hair follicle. When you come in for your treatment, we use the laser to destroy all of the hair follicles with actively growing hair in the area being treated. The next sessions are required to destroy the hair which will have now moved to the actively growing stage from the dormant phase. You’ll start experiencing an increase in hair reduction over time with the repeated sessions.
  • Do I need to undergo any medical tests prior to laser?

    Before the treatment, a dermatological assessment will be done. The assessment will indicate if you are suitable for the treatment and whether your skin is sensitive or not. This helps us to know your suitability to the treatment. If there will be any clinical suspicion of an underlying hormonal abnormality we would like to rule out diseases such as PCOD. This step is crucial in determining the quality of results achieved through permanent laser hair reduction.

  • Would the radiation from laser be harmful?

    You do not need to be overly concerned about radiation & laser hair removal because the laser device and technology we use for hair removal is US FDA approved. So the “non-ionizing” radiation produced by the Diode laser from the device being used is suitable and completely safe for your hair and skin type. Also, the techniques and safety protocols at the clinic are at par with international standards.

  • Should I get a laser hair removal done from a spa or a clinic?

    A qualified dermatologist can provide you with the appropriate laser care that you need to get optimal results. Only he/she can examine and ascertain which laser will best suit your skin and determine the laser settings before each session.

    Some antibiotics can make your skin sensitive to the laser and only a doctor can give you the right medications. Also, the risk of complications like burns and pigmentation is highly reduced which is why it’s advisable to get your hair reduction treatment at a clinic.

  • Is IPL the same as Laser hair removal?

    No, people usually mistake that laser and IPL are the same. IPL refers to an Intense Pulse Light which uses a broad spectrum of light whereas a laser is a particular wavelength of light in a coherent beam. To put it simply, laser can deliver light only at one specific region at a time but is very powerful, whereas IPL release light over a broad wavelength range.

    This property of IPL makes it less effective for coarse deep hair. Due to the broad spectrum of wavelength the surrounding tissue can absorb the additional wavelength thus leading to increased chances of burns in darker skin.

  • Which is better IPL or Laser hair removal?

    IPL and Laser both are referred as Diode laser process. Both the treatments work on Photothermolysis treatments. But laser hair removal is way more effective. The laser emits a single wavelength monochromatic light and focuses it on a particular region where the treatment is needed. The IPL produces a broad spectrum of wavelength of light, the range of full spectrum of light is between 400 nm to 1200 nm.

    Both devices have good efficacy when used by an experienced skin specialist. The important thing though is proper patient selection, that is, deciding which patient would benefit most from which technology while minimizing the probability of any side effects. So, at our skin clinic in Delhi we frame a structured treatment plan of Alma Soprano Pro DIODE & Alma harmony IPL to deliver safe and highly satisfying results for all hair and skin types.

  • Is IPL (Intense pulsed light) hair removal safe?

    Though IPL is also safe, the chances of burns are higher with IPL as compared to a Laser. However, at our skin clinic, technology meets international standards and thus a high safety profile is always ensured. In motion Diode technology by Alma is universally accepted as the most advanced hair removal techniques. Advanced Fluorescence Technology™, (AFT) by Alma lasers is one of the safest, more versatile technologies throughout the world. Our clients have experienced great results with the laser hair removal equipment that we use.

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