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Are you looking for a skin treatment that gives you the radiant “glass skin” that Korean women have made a trend? Here is all you need to know about the Glass Skin treatment.


In this treatment, a lot of skin-loving nutrients are infused into your face. We, at Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic, use a Hyaluronic based product to restore hydration, plumpness, and smoothing of damaged and dull skin. It’s an over-all micro-injection technique that puts along with hyaluronic acid right into the skin to make it plumper and more even. This is also known as Hydrolifting or Hydrofilling. Here is a step-by-step process of the treatment:
  • Since it’s a 90-minute long procedure, it is always good to start with a soothing head massage. It will help you relax and be prepare for the complete treatment.
  • Using a premium scrub, your face will be cleansed thoroughly. This will not only clean your face from the makeup but also the clogged impurities and dust on your face.
  • Then comes the exfoliation process to further prep your skin. The mask used here will suit even sensitive skin.
  • The fourth step involves the extraction of clogged impurities. This is especially done at the T-zone so that you have a clear forehead and nose. Even though the whole treatment is for brightening your skin, de-clogging the pores will give you better results.
  • To soothe your skin after extraction, a face mask with cold mist is then applied to prepare the skin for the next steps. If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely not skip this step.
  • A concentrated serum with active ingredients is applied to your face and let the skin absorb the nutrients quickly. Moreover, the serum is specially curated in a way to ensure rapid absorption.
  • A simple detoxifying massage is then given to your face to improve micro-circulation. This not only enhances the benefits but is also quite soothing for your face.
  • Finally, a mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Diamond Mica is applied to your face. Your skin absorbs more skincare goodness and helps in deep hydration of your skin. Since the mask is made of refined alginate, it creates a vacuum-like environment over the skin. This aids in the nourishing and hydrating ingredients to go deep into the skin.


You might have seen your skin getting dull or rough quite often, and there are several reasons for this. With continuous exposure to pollution, sun, air-conditioner, or using heating appliances, all-cause a decline of hyaluronic acid (a natural component of skin) in your face. This reduces the water-binding capacity which manifests as roughness, fine lines, dullness, and loss of elasticity. With glass skin treatment, you can bring back the lost hyaluronic acid and collagen in your face as it hydrates from within and hence improves the elasticity to rejuvenate the skin in a great manner.  


With skin boosters, we can very effectively rejuvenate the face, back of hands, decolletage, and neck area of your body. The neck and the back of the hands are the two most popularly treated areas. It gives a youthful and refreshed look to the treated area.  


The effects of glass skin treatment start showing one week after the procedure. You will notice a natural glow on your skin and the skin will look more refreshed, hydrated, and youthful. Glass skin treatment also improves fine lines, open pores, and texture of the skin. We are dermatologists in Gurgaon and if you want to go through this glass skin treatment, or have questions to ask, you can get in touch with us. We are here to help you!!

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