Is Laser Hair Removal Safe in India
Great strides have been made in the area of Laser hair reduction in the last decade. Advanced laser technology has made laser hair removal as safe in India as it is anywhere else. When you choose to get it done from the right place which houses the right machine, the procedure is actually a cakewalk. If you chose a second rate place that offers laser hair removal and does not comply with international standards the chances of developing side effects are significantly higher. These are a few complications which might happen: 1. Hyper-pigmentation and Hypo-pigmentation Since lasers use high intensity light to remove unwanted hair, hyper or hypo-pigmentation can occur if the procedure is not timed right. You need to make sure that your dermatologist is certified and has plenty of experience when he/she carries out the procedure on you. 2. Skin burns Skin burns are another potential side effect if you are in the hands of an untrained/ inexperienced clinician. 3. Itching Itching is one of the more normal side effects of laser hair removal. Some itching is expected with laser hair removal. But a lot of itching that continues over the week is something to be concerned about. 4. Redness Redness is another such side effect that is considered normal. But redness that is in combination with prolonged inflammation is another thing that you should never take lightly. 5. Pain A little (not enough to make you uncomfortable) pain is expected and considered normal. Remember the treatment is supposed to be virtually pain free, so if it hurts a lot during the treatment then you are probably in the wrong hands. 6. Scab Formation Sensitive skin types are more prone to scab formation in the affected areas and mild bruising may occur, a skilled clinician knows how to avoid this situation. 7. Infection And last, but by no definition the least, is infection. It is a dreaded complication and in a proper Dermatology clinic all measures are usually in place to avoid such grave complications. A careful Dermatologist will never mess up something like sterilization. Garekars M.D. Dermatology & Aesthetics clinic boasts of two certified dermatologists and thus you can be assured of three things – 1. Complete peace of mind- you can rest assured that all sterilization protocols are strictly adhered too. 2. Excellent Results- You will get the best results possible. 3. State of the art Infrastructure- At Garekars M.D., we make no compromises with the treatment quality or patient safety. It is our firm belief that this is something that makes us the ideal choice in your search for the best laser hair removal clinic in Gurgaon.

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