How effective is Laser Hair Removal
When it comes to unwanted body hair, there is more than one way that you can go about dealing with the problem. You could always shave, but that is a temporary solution that will leave your hair coming back harder and pricklier than before. You could also try depilatory creams; these are the over the counter creams that are painless and easy to use, they are, however, not without side effects. These creams work by melting away your hair. Creams have common side effects like- 1. Skin irritation Skin irritation is one of the first few side effects of chemical hair removal that you notice. 2. Chemical Burns Leave these creams on for longer than the time prescribed and you will end up with chemical burns. 3. Allergic Reactions The creams that you get from the market are universal and you never know what they might contain that you might be allergic to. 4. Lingering Smell Most depilatory creams will also leave a strong chemical smell that is enough to annoy you. You can also get waxing done, but the procedure is painful and requires repeat visits. There are also epilators which work by engaging hair and pulling the from the roots, while this product has its benefits (can also engage ingrown hair and fine hair) it is also not without side effects, some common side effects of using epilators are skin burns, irritation, and rashes. Here is why laser hair removal is more effective than all of the methods mentioned above. 1. Uses no harsh chemicals Laser hair removal uses no harsh chemicals on your skin. Lasers work by beaming highly concentrated light into your follicles where the pigments absorb this light and the hair is destroyed. Unlike depilatory creams, the light source has no unwanted side effects on your skin. 2. No physical force used Epilators, waxing, and tweezing use physical force that is applied on your hair, the result is a traumatic exfoliation of hair, and where there is trauma there is definitely going to be the four cardinal signs of inflammation- redness, pain, heat, and swelling. Inflammation is not just uncomfortable; it also leaves your skin hypersensitive and might cause further infections. 3. It is precise With lasers, you can target particular areas with high precision. Lasers selectively target dark, coarse hair while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. 4. It is fast Another advantage of getting laser hair removal done is that it is fast. How fast? Well, each pulse of the laser that has the capacity to remove many hairs (the area the size of a coin) takes only a second. 5. Predictable outcome All the other ways of hair removal mentioned in this post can be performed either at home or by a clinic. None of these places have the kind of scientific insight that a dermatologist/ cosmetologist has about skin and hair. The only real way that you can be sure of the outcome of an event is by making sure that all possible outcomes are evaluated scientifically. Laser hair removal is a process that has been scientifically evaluated to be highly successful and effective with long term results. 6. Virtually painless The process is also virtually painless when compared to other ways that involve either application of force on hair follicles or application of harsh chemicals on your skin, as a result, the procedure has a better outcome when compared to other methods and is pain-free. 7. Fewer side effects Side effects of laser hair removal include mild follicular edema that is very easily manageable with right medication and treatment. 8. No risk of infections When you visit a salon for waxing or threading or tweezing, you are getting all these services that are frequented by all kinds of people that are serviced in the same chairs that you will sit on. The fact is no salon follows sterilization protocol the way a doctor would. When you get laser hair removal treatment at your dermatologists you can rest assured that all the best precautions regarding infection control are in place. This mitigates the chance of cross contamination and post-procedure infection. 9. One time investment When you get hair removal done via conventional methods you end up spending way more than you would for a laser hair treatment seeing as you will need to invest in the procedure just once vis-à-vis regularly/ frequently. When you want the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon, find your way to the best clinic for laser hair removal. At Garekars M.D Skin Clinic, we make sure that we follow only the best protocol for all our services.

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