Home Skin Care Remedies That Do More Harm Than Good
When you think home remedies, you think of some simple things that you can find in your kitchen (or the local grocery store) that you can mix up almost instantly to achieve the desired results for your skin. You think that if it is home-made, it is absolutely safe. All of us have some home skincare secrets that we swear by. Anything that spares us a trip to the dermatologist seems to work fine for us. Today we will talk to you about some DIY home skin care remedies that you probably didn’t know were potential disasters waiting to happen. Now, we are not saying that these remedies don’t work. We’re just saying that there are side effects attached to these remedies. Overdoing “natural astringents” Natural astringents feel like the thing to do when you want to avoid chemical ones that are sold over the counter, this has people going for natural alternatives like witch hazel, which is a kind of natural astringent that you can buy at your local grocery store. But what you didn’t know was that witch hazel has a higher alcohol content than most other astringents available in the market today. This is enough to dehydrate your skin rapidly and to cause it to become dry and even flake out. Using lemon for fairer skin Lemon extract is the go to home remedy when you want to get instant shade reduction along with depigmentation and de-tanning. An old wives recipe, the procedure involves application of freshly squeezed lemon juice on the area that you want to de-tan and where you want a lighter skin colour. But what you didn’t realise is that pure lemon juice is acidic, very acidic, and has a pH of 2. This is enough to cause skin damage and chemical burns if used for a time that is more than is recommended. The Mayo face mask Recently some tips have been doing rounds on the internet about the mayo face mask. Mayo as in mayonnaise! Now, while we can verify that mayonnaise is an excellent remedy for dull, dry hair. We wouldn’t say that about its effects on skin. See, mayonnaise is very oily (probably why your dietician took it off your diet chart) and using mayo on your face can not only lead to excess oil accumulation in your skin, it can also clog your pores real nice and voila! You have and outbreak of pimples to deal with now. Our advice; Steer clear of this home remedy. Egg face mask Eggs are a gentle and rich source of protein. Your skin needs protein, you do the math. Most salons, in fact, have enriching facials that involve egg whites in some form or the other. Egg is in no way caustic or chemically degenerative for your skin. What then, can make this home remedy worth a mention on this list? Well, raw egg contains salmonella (which is a kind of not so nice bacteria). Salmonella can be cause of severe food poisoning if accidentally ingested while using eggs as a face mask. Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar is used most commonly to mask Body Odour. And it is not harmful for the skin in any way. The thing that is really wrong with using this method to neutralise body odour is the fact that it does not work by removing it, it replaces it with its own pungent smell. Do you really want to smell like apple cider vinegar? Up to you? Cinnamon Cinnamon is a great spice to flavour your sweet buns and fruit cakes with. For years it has been touted as a great exfoliate for your skin. The only problem is, that it is still a spice! Prolonged exposure to cinnamon in absence of a diluting media (like honey) can cause blisters, burns and irritation. Peroxide for wounds Hydrogen peroxide is a go to solution for all minor and major wounds. The liquid works by releasing nascent oxygen in cells and thus clearing out the debris that would have been impossible to clear out otherwise, thus preventing infection. However, if you continue using it more than once, you will find that your wound will just not heal. Baking soda for exfoliation This is the exact opposite of the lemon juice recipe. Baking soda is highly alkaline, your skin has a neutral pH level. You need to steer clear of this unhealthy fad and put your baking soda where it belongs, in your cakes. Toothpaste Toothpaste is great for your pimples, right? Wrong! Well sort of. The thing about toothpaste is that it does get rid of your pimples and zits really fast, but. It leaves a scar where it shouldn’t, you are better off using a medicated face wash or ointment if your skin is prone to pimple outbreaks. At Garekars M.D Skin Clinic, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon you are going to get the best expert consultation that is backed by years of experience and the best treatments for all you and your family’s needs. Book your appointment today!

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