This wedding seasons the toughest decision that a bride to be will make is whether to visit a cosmetologist or a salon for the big day. If you have always had perfect skin and never had even the slightest problems with your skin, ever, then you can give this article a skip. But if you are as human as the rest of us, you will have had your fair share of skin problems by now. But your wedding is one day that you just cannot afford to have these problems show and while You obviously have to visit your salon for things like makeup and hair, but if you want that minimal makeup/ naturally beautiful look that is so much in vogue now. You might want to consider visiting a cosmetologist a few months before the wedding is to take place. Why a few months before? You ask? Well, a cosmetologist’s job is not easy and neither is it quick, but the results are permanent and . getting beautiful radiant skin that is actually as healthy as it looks is only possible with a cosmetologist and it is totally worth it. Today we will tell you why. 1. You get to know exactly what is wrong with your skin It is sometimes the case that you have skin problems that you might have but not know about, or there could be a systemic cause for your skin being less than perfect. Going to a cosmetologist a couple of months before you get married is one sure shot way to identify these problems and eliminate them for good before your big day. 2. You get great advice Your cosmetologist will also help you prepare for your wedding in the most unexpected ways possible, for an example, he/she will be able to guide you better about the things that you should do and not do before you approach your big day. This includes dietary modulation and other simple home care steps that will change your life for the better. 3. Get any treatments that you might need You might need to have certain treatments done that will greatly influence the way that you look on your big day. Going to a cosmetologist well in advance will get you the information that you need and the treatments like laser hair removal (link post) have a certain time frame associated with the procedure, so you might need to consider that as well. 4. Walk out absolutely fabulous One thing is for certain, whenever you walk out of your cosmetologist’s office you walk out a more confident, fabulous and desirable you. This is something that you want, particularly on your wedding day. Walk in to Garekars M.D Skin Clinic and get the right solutions for your skin and beauty needs.

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