If you are someone who is considering opting for a permanent laser hair removal in Gurgaon, chances are that you have been doing all your online research and have gotten all your facts and myths mixed up. Hopefully this post would be able to address a few of your concerns. Myth: It is not safe to use laser in bikini area Fact: It is absolutely safe to lase bikini area. In fact it is the most common area for laser hair reduction these days. It is safe for both men and women to go for laser hair reduction in Bikini/Pubic area. Myth : It is very painful Fact : With availability of advanced pain-free laser technologies in the market the painful sensation is just reduced to pin prick sensation. However, if you are feeling too anxious about the procedure, a numbing cream can be applied at the site for 30 mins pre-procedure, which makes the procedure almost painless. Myth : It is not effective Fact : Bikini and underarms are two areas where one would get best results because laser is more effective on darker and thicker hair. You can get rid of unwanted bikini hair in about 6-8 sessions. Myth : It is very expensive Fact : The fact that it is permanent hair reduction makes it a onetime investment and if one compares the cost of lifelong monthly waxing sessions to six sessions of laser hair reduction you will end up paying much less for laser hair reduction. Myth: All lasers are the same Fact: You couldn’t be more farther from the truth if you believe that all technology is the same. The market is flooded with all kinds of laser machines and you have to be really cautious of what you are exposing yourself to. Not only do the cheaper lasers deliver sub-optimal results but can at times harm or burn your skin. So choose wisely… At Garekars M.D. , we use Alma Soprano Pro, which is a step up from the technology available at leading aesthetic clinics. The Laser has specific modes for sensitive areas (underarms, bikini) along with disposable hygienic tips for bikini area. Take these three features into consideration prior to making a decision. We hope that with this post we have managed to clear a few of your doubts. For any further queries please feel free to contact us.

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