Easy Home Remedies to Zap that Zit

Acne is a very common skin problem (especially amongst the youth) and while medical intervention may sometimes be called for, natural measures have their own place. Natural measures are way more convenient than the medical ones, but medical ones may be called for in extreme and recalcitrant (read - recurrent) cases. Acne occurs when dirt, [...]

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Cosmetologist or Salon; a Difficult Decision for Brides

This wedding seasons the toughest decision that a bride to be will make is whether to visit a cosmetologist or a salon for the big day. If you have always had perfect skin and never had even the slightest problems with your skin, ever, then you can give this article a skip. But if you [...]

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10 Simple Ways to Care for Your Skin in summers

Its summer time and it is no revelation that the season has its fair share of skin problems- Acne, sun-burns, rashes and skin infections, just to name a few, but you can maintain your skin and keep it healthy when you follow these simple steps. 1. Protect your scalp Your scalp needs sun protection too. [...]

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