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Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic

, we believe in the age-old concept of a patient placing his full trust into the hands of the physician. Of course, this also implies that this trust needs to be earned. It is our constant endeavor to stand out as providers of unbiased health care and advice for you and your family’s clinical and cosmetic dermatology related needs.

We have worked hard to acquire and periodically update the clinical skills that are essential to effectively prevent, diagnose and treat all skin and hair-related ailments like acne scars and hair loss. Both the skin doctors are qualified & best dermatologists in Gurgaon (South-point Mall) and Delhi (Greater Kailash 2) who have extensive experience in clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. (Major) Gurveen Waraich Garekar.MBBS (AFMC), M.D. Dermatology

Dr (Lt Cdr) Siddharth Garekar.MBBS (AFMC), M.D. Dermatology

The staff at the Garekar clinic, both Delhi and Gurgaon branches, has been handpicked to aid in the smooth deliverance of the therapies and also to provide the patients with a warm and courteous atmosphere at the clinic. Right from the time of inception, our skin clinic in Gurgaon has been equipped with only the state of the art technology like ALMA Soprano PRO laser machine. This holds true to our notion that the skin specialists at our skin clinic would adhere to strict quality guidelines from day one and no compromises would be made in patient care.

Inception and Core Beliefs

The initial concept of Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic evolved with our intention to deliver an outstanding experience to the people walking into our dermatology clinic in Delhi’s Greater Kailash 2 and Gurgaon’s South-point Mall. An experience which is the precise mix of clinical expertise and high service quality provided in a serene ambiance with the highest standards of hygiene.

The treatment plans at the skin clinic help you regain and maintain healthy skin with evidence-based and research-backed products and procedures.

The Glow Expands: Introducing Our New Skin Clinic in Delhi!

New GK2 Clinic Garekars MD New GK2 Clinic Garekars MD

All our skin treatments at Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic in Delhi, Greater Kailash 2, are reliable and result-oriented
just like our Gurgaon’s South-point Mall branch. If you dream of having flawless skin, then feel free to visit us!

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Garekars MD
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Treatments which bring out the best in your skin without any downtime. Ideal for the day of festivities or your major social commitments.

No redness, peeling or dryness. Just GLOW!!

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This store exists as an extension to our skin clinics in Gurgaon and Delhi which are managed and run by us.

We believe in ‘CLEAN AUTHENTIC FORMULAS AND RADICAL RESULTS’. What you find in this store is a carefully curated collection of products and brands we have been stocking and prescribing for years at our clinics in Gurgaon, South-point Mall, and now in our Delhi clinic too in Greater Kailash 2 (M Block). The products are procured directly from the manufacturers and are available at both our clinics as well. So rest assured, no fakes.

A great skin always begins with knowing your skin type. If you don’t know where to begin, we recommend taking our SKIN TYPE QUIZ to better understand your skin and browse products recommended for your skin type.

PS: Our diagnostic algorithm can distinguish between 32 different skin types!

Hope our endeavour helps you on your skin health journey!

Our Services
Clinical Treatments
Concern Based Treatments

We tailor our treatments based on your specific skin concerns to achieve a healthy skin.

Dull & Dry Skin Treatment

Bespoke regimens and a host of in-clinic treatments to get your skin glowing again!

Acne & Scars Treatment

Adieu pimples and marks with our world class Alma Lasers and Endymed MNRF

Pigmentation Treatment

Customised skin care and in-clinic treatments like medifacials, Clearlift, photofacial and more.

Anti-aging Treatments

Treatments to tackle wrinkles, fine lines, dilated pores, age spots and sagging.

Hair Treatments

PRP, Mesotherapy and medical guidance to manage all you hair woes.i


Lip Fillers

Dermal fillers consist of substances which are injected into the skin in order to fill facial creases, minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars which have a deep depression. They are also known as “soft tissue fillers” and are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Pixel Laser

Pixel Er laser is the latest generation of Erbium fractional lasers, with combined fractional technology and ablative effect of Erbium YAG laser. Micro-ablative columns of laser penetrate deep into the skin.



Profhilo by ALMA, is a new injectable bio remodeller. It is not exactly a dermal filler, nor is it a skin revitalizer. Profhilo is an injectable, stabilized Hyaluronic Acid based product, designed to remodel multi-layer skin tissue.


Mira Peel

MIRApeel is the latest aesthetic device which uses a multi step 3D Skin Desquamation technology called “Fractional Transbrasion” to address various skin concerns like pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and other signs of aging.


Skin Booster

Dermal fillers consist of substances which are injected into the skin in order to fill facial creases, minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars which have a deep depression.

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Garekars MD

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